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A ventilation system for your home can greatly reduce the amount of moisture in your roof and help keep your home cooler throughout the summer months. Simply Genuine Skylights & Ventilation specialise in installing ventilation systems for your roof, room or whole house.

We provide the classic ‘whirlybird’ style roof vent, solar powered ventilation systems and the Solatube ventilation add-on for Solatube 160 DS. It’s very important to have roof ventilation installed to drive heat and moisture out of your roof cavity all year round.

Roof ventilation systems can improve your energy efficiency by using natural wind to help cool down a room. The moisture from high humidity levels can cause irreversible damage to your roof and can produce fungal decay and saturate your insulation. Installing a ventilation system will help reduce the amount of humidity in the room, roof and house.

Modern homes are so well insulated that fans and ventilation systems are necessary for a healthy air flow. Ventilation helps your home get rid of moisture, smoke and indoor pollution while controlling heat and moisture levels in the ceiling.

Roof ventilation installed in roof of house

Ceiling ventilation can make your home a healthier living environment by reducing the damp and mouldy conditions that can make you sick. A home without a ventilation system is a breeding ground for dust mites which can cause asthma and hay fever. Indoor air pollution can even lead to headaches and sinus problems which is why it’s important to have a good ventilation system installed in your home.

To discuss more about how ventilation can help your home what products we recommend, please contact us on 4960 2399 or send us a message.


Windmaster & Supavent

We stock the classic ‘whirlybird’ style roof vent that works naturally by letting the hot air rise out of your ceiling cavity and home. These wind driven, roof mounted aluminium ventilators don’t require any electricity and are great for removing heat and moisture in roofs, are suitable for metal and tiles, and are suitable for both residential homes and commercial buildings. The SupaVent is available in 17 different colours and the number you will need depends on your roof size and reasons for ventilation.


Solar Star Powered Ventilation

The Solar Star’s high performance solar powered motor does the work of 10-15 regular whirlybirds. It keeps your roof space cool in all seasons and reduces damaging moisture in the home It is easy to install and perfectly leak proof on all roof types. It operates a high-efficiency fan unit that is powered by solar panels, offering you all the advantages of a powerful roof fan without the additional operating costs.


Solatube Ventilation Add-on

The Solatube ventilation add-on kit provides the dual convenience of ventilation with daylight. This modular skylight add-on is available for the Solatube 160 DS and offers a neat, stylish solution for lighting and ventilating your bathroom or ensuite. It has features a sleek 2-in-1 design that will leave your ceiling looking orderly and uncluttered. The in-line fan motor extracts up to 52 litres of air per second, keeping your room free of humidity and moisture.

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