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We proudly service Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland the Hunter Valley and all surrounding areas
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VELUX Skylights

Simply Genuine Skylights & Ventilation are proud stockists of VELUX Skylights and blinds. VELUX is made for the Australian climate and has passed every test – including hail, which no other glass skylight has passed. VELUX have been tested against water, hail, heavy loads, bushfires, cyclones, safety, heat and UV.

VELUX skylights have achieved the maximum 5-star rating for their summer performance and their high performance double glazing keeps out 80% of the heat and 99 of the UV rays. VELUX is an international company who have been bringing daylight into homes and other buildings for almost 80 years.

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Openable Skylights

The VELUX openable skylights come in solar, electrical and manual opening options and come in nine different sizes to suit any room. The solar and electrically powered lights feature a remote for easy opening and closing. All these skylights are fully fly screened and have a smooth, low profile that does not obstruct the roofline.

They come standard with high performance double glazing and NEAT™ outer coating which means they stay cleaner for longer. The solar and electrically powered skylights feature a wireless control system that can automatically sense rain and close the skylight accordingly. Their wireless keypad is provided and there are options to add-on a Home Automation Systems interface and VELUX ACTIVE to automatically control heat, Co2 and humidity.

Fixed skylights in an open living plan

Fixed Skylights

The FS Fixed Skylight creates the illusion of a larger room by transforming them with daylight and views of the sky. It’s an economical alternative for creating a spacious home filled with abundant daylight. It comes in nine different sizes to suit any room.

This skylight features a white painted interior wood frame and sash, outer aluminium cappings, a smooth and low profile that doesn’t obstruct the roofline and comes standard with High Performance Double glazing and NEAT™ coating. It comes with flashings for corrugated iron or tile roofs and achieves an approximately 75% heat block from the sun.


Need Blinds? We’ve got you covered

VELUX blinds are designed for style and comfort. They fit perfectly with their skylights to control the amount of light coming in whilst remaining sleek and stylish. They are great for controlling glare or darkening a room and come in both manual and solar powered for added convenience.

Simply Genuine Skylights and Ventilation are proud to stock VELUX’s ‘blockout’ and ‘honeycomb’ blinds. VELUX blockout blinds provide a near complete blockout of light and are perfect for anywhere that requires complete blockout. They feature a reflective backing which reduces heat gain & loss, and reduces the heat of a room by approximately 40%.

VELUX honeycomb blinds provide protection from heat and glare while providing a near complete blockout from light. They feature a stylish and modern design and attractive honeycomb structured pleats. The insulated air pockets can reduce heat by approximately 60% and come in both manual and solar powered versions.

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