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The benefits of skylights in your home

Benefits of skylights in your home

If you’re thinking of getting skylights installed in your home but are not sure if it’s worth it, let us tell you – it is! Of course there are pros and cons depending on your individual needs, but overall skylights are an eco-friendly, beautiful and space-adding lighting solution that are perfect for just about any home!

Cosmetically, skylights can dramatically improve the appearance of your home – don’t underestimate the power of natural light!

Natural lighting

The most obvious benefit of skylight installation in your home is the beautiful natural lighting they provide.  Overhead natural lighting creates an atmosphere like no other and is known to improve mood and help with productivity due to the increase of vitamin D. For a bright, warm home, skylights are the perfect solution.


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Eco-friendly and economical

Since skylights evenly distribute sunlight throughout your home, you won’t need to rely on artificial light and electricity so will save lots on your power bill! With all this saved electricity, over time the installation will pay for itself! Current trends are heavily favouring eco-conscious designs and functionalities in the home, and skylights are the perfect way to reduce your energy consumption and keep with the times.


Enhances the space

With outside views and natural light, skylights create the illusion of spaciousness, helping your home and rooms to feel bigger. Rooms that feel bigger are more functional, feel more comfortable and can even add to its resale value. Illuminating the space helps to reduce shadows, make paint colours appear truer and can create a nicer environment overall that is really enjoyable to be in.


Improved aesthetics

Cosmetically, skylights can dramatically improve the appearance of your home – don’t underestimate the power of natural light! Skylights are a great home-makeover solution as they don’t take long to install and provide a big difference. A well lit room will highlight the best qualities of your space and improve your home’s design overall – it’s important to consult with a skylight specialist (like us!) to help decide the best type of skylight and placement for your room.



Options and customisability

Skylights come in a huge range of brands, styles and customisation options to suit any home or climate. We stock Solatube & VELUX skylights which provide great options for round tube skylights, window-style skylights, openable skylights, fixed skylights and more.



Our skylights can come with or without blinds to give you that extra bit of sun blockage in the summer and at night, and can be opened manually or automatically with a remote. With options for every budget, style and need, skylights are the perfect option for most homes.


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