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Simply Genuine Skylights & Ventilation are your professional consultants in providing natural light and ventilation to your home.

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We proudly service Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland the Hunter Valley and all surrounding areas
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Skylights Newcastle

Skylights Newcastle

Simply Genuine Skylights and Ventilation offer professional installation of skylights in Newcastle. Our range of VELUX and Solatube skylights will infuse your home or commercial property with natural light that will leave your room feeling bigger and brighter.


Skylights biggest benefit is that they bring extra daylight into your room without using any electricity. Their energy saving capabilities can help save money and reduce your environmental impact for an eco-friendly lighting option. Natural lighting from a skylight will make your house or room look its best and can even have positive health benefits – the sun it known to boost energy levels and mood.


Installing a skylight in your home means you will make the most of the beautiful Newcastle sunlight. It maximises your space by making any room appear larger and more inviting. Skylights are also perfect for commercial applications like new home builds as they can improve the value of the home by making it more visually appealing. In commercial buildings like office spaces and warehouses, skylights can improve the mood and work output as sunlight is known to improve productivity and mood.

VELUX Skylights

We install VELUX skylights in Newcastle, Port Stephens and the Hunter Valley. VELUX are the world’s leading manufacturer of skylights and are designed to meet the extreme demands of the Australian climate. Newcastle experiences heat, rain, storms, hail and ocean spray, so it is important to have a skylight installed that can handle the extreme weather.


VELUX openable skylights are available in nine sizes and come in manual, electric or solar powered opening options. They are fully fly screened and the powered versions come with a wireless key pad and optional rain sensors. These VELUX skylights are perfect for the Newcastle climate as they allow you to let sunlight and fresh air into your home.


We also offer VELUX fixed skylights which let in a brilliant amount of sunshine when ventilation is not required. It would be a shame to waste the beautiful Newcastle sun and a VELUX skylight will ensure you take full advantage of the sun’s natural rays. We also offer VELUX blinds in the blockout and honeycomb styles to give even more control over the amount of sunlight in your home. These come in manual or solar powered controls and are perfect for bedrooms and living spaces.


Our Solatube skylights capture the summer light while removing heat. We offer a wide range of ceiling fixtures to suit any space, and three advanced tubing options that use innovative optical technology to capture the sun’s rays while maximising the natural light.


Skylights are the perfect eco-friendly and pocket-friendly lighting option for the Newcastle climate and Simply Genuine’s range of VELUX and Solatube skylights and ventilation systems will help you bring light and life to your home or building.


Call us today for an obligation-free quote on skylights and ventilation for your house or building. We provide skylight installation to Newcastle, Port Stephens, the Hunter Valley and surrounding areas, and can help you decide which skylight option will be best for your needs, wants and budget.