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Simply Genuine Skylights & Ventilation are your professional consultants in providing natural light and ventilation to your home.

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We proudly service Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland the Hunter Valley and all surrounding areas
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Commercial Applications

A Long History In Commercial Projects

Simply Genuine Skylights and Ventilation are experts at installing systems for commercial applications and projects. Whether you need skylights and ventilation for your office, workshop, warehouse, building development, or something else, we can install the right system for your space to increase the amount of daylight and bring a bit of the outdoors in.


Simply Genuine offers a range of skylight and ventilation solutions for a cost-effective development to suit any budget. We can design, supply and install solutions to providing natural light and ventilation to suit many applications including where Bush Fire Rating is required. Council regulations require skylights to be installed in many new homes to improve their energy standards.

Skylights provide more natural light than traditional windows and come in many different shapes and sizes to suit any room. They are an eco-conscious lighting choice and can even improve your mood due to natural light’s energising effect. For commercial projects they can even enhance the value of a property by making it seem bigger and brighter.


Our range of skylights can suit any roof size or number of rooms, making us the perfect choice for builders and development sites. Skylights and ventilation systems are important in commercial spaces as they make rooms feel larger and brighter while ensuring they are safe from condensation and pollutants.


Skylights offer beautiful lighting options to commercial spaces, bringing some of the great outdoors in. Whether you are looking at skylights for a shopping centre, single building, office space or other, Simply Genuine can install the perfect light for your space. For commercial skylight installation in Newcastle, Port Stephens and the Hunter Valley areas, don’t look past Simply Genuine Skylights and Ventilation.

Velux skylighs in a roof. Installed in a house in Adamstown


These are the companies that keep coming back to us. We get the job done when you need it at almost any stage of development.

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Premium Dealer

We are a premium dealer for the world class Solatube tubular skylights. These are extremely sought after by our customers as they offer pure white natural light with minimal heat gain. Solatube is an Australian business offering a range of tubular skylights that have innovative optical technology throughout to capture more sunlight on the roof, transfer more sunlight through the tube and diffuse the light inside the building effectively.

Premier Dealer

Open up a room to natural light and ventilation with roof windows or skylights from VELUX. VELUX has many available products we can install including fixed skylights, solar powered openable skylights, electric opening skylights and manual powered opening skylights. These openable skylights offer a unique opportunity to allow fresh air into the home through the skylight and feature an attractive rectangular design. These lights have a smooth, low profile and high-performance double glazing to reduce the frequency of cleaning. We also install VELUX blinds that are the perfect add-on to their skylights and come in manual or electric options.

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